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Matterport™ 3D Virtual Tours

$250 - up to 3,000 ft²

+$50 per 1000 ft² after 3,000 ft²

  • Includes direct link to Matterport 3D™ virtual tour.

  • Editing of 3D scans

  • Include 3 Months of virtual tour hosting.


Estimated capture time

  • 1-3,000 ft²: 1-3 hours

  • 3,000-12,000 ft²2: 2-6 hours

  • 12,000-30,000 ft²: 5-8 hours

  • 30,000 ft²+: 8+ Hours


  • $50 Matterpak Download

  • $50 Mattertags

  • $40 Still Image Extraction

  • $30 Schematic Floorplan

  • $30 Room Labeling

  • $10/Month Tour Hosting

  • $150 Scan Transfer

Aerial Photography & Video

$200 per home/property

+50 per 100 acres over 50 acres

  • Includes aerial photography at all 8 points that include the entire property, then 8 points

that focuses on home/building (if applicable)

  • Includes overhead (bird’s eye view) of property and home/building

  • Includes fly around video of property and home/building (if applicable), with basic edit

for use on media platform.

  • Addition cost of $25 to include proprietary intro and/or logo/bug

  • Includes rights to use all photos and video and editing to meet system requirements.

Real Estate Photography

$150 - up to 3,000 ft²

+$25 per 1000 ft² after 3,000 ft²

  • Includes photos of each room in home, using photography lighting when needed.

  • Includes basic edits of each photo, and post-processed to work with your system.

Package Pricing

$50 - $150+ OFF

  • Any purchase that includes a combination of Matterport 3D™ virtual tour, Aerial

Video/Photography, and/or Indoor property photography, as described above, for one property on the same day, will be eligible for a package discount. Please contact John Goodman at (435)232-5806 for more information.

Travel Costs

  • Any location more than 50 miles from Logan, UT will incur a $0.50/mile total round-trip mileage charge. Any location requiring an overnight stay will be incur further travel costs (i.e., hotel, food, etc.)

*All prices are negotiable and individual packages can be created and modified as needed.

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